Wednesday , March 1 2017
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Man Who Rushed Stage During Trump Rally Reveals Why He Attempted That Kind of Protest


The protester who rushed the stage during Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Dayton, Ohio, gave an exclusive interview with CNN Sunday night during which he explained his motivations behind his attempt to snatch the podium away from the GOP frontrunner. Tommy DiMassimo, 22, of Fairborn, Ohio, made headlines over the weekend …

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Ted Cruz Says It’s a ‘Disaster’ for Republicans if Trump Becomes Nominee


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said it will be a “disaster” for Republicans — and the country — if Donald Trump becomes the party’s presidential nominee. “I think it’s a disaster for the country because if Donald is the nominee, it makes it much, much more likely that Hillary Clinton wins …

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Attempted Attack On Donald Trump Was Worse Than It Originally Looked

Donald Trump Attack

New footage shows that the attempted attack on Donald Trump in Dayton, OH on Saturday was a far more dangerous situation than it originally appeared on television. A man jumps a barrier and makes it past several security guards, before finally being stopped feet from Mr. Trump. It is unknown …

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Marco Rubio trounces Donald Trump in Washington DC presidential primary


Rubio took 37.3% of the vote, giving him 10 delegates, edging out John Kasich and comfortably beating national frontrunners Trump and Ted Cruz. Donald Trump has suffered a comprehensive defeat by Marco Rubio inWashington DC, where the divisive billionaire hopes to occupy the White House from January next year. Rubio …

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The 2016 Finalists: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

Trump vs Cruz

Donald Trump’s lead in the Republican race is real, but far from secure. At the moment, theBILLIONAIRE has 458 delegates and Ted Cruz has 359. That’s a 99 delegate lead with more than 1,400 delegates still to be selected. Cruz has plenty of room to come from behind if he’s …

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Why Trump’s rivals can’t catch him


He’s the only GOP candidate with a realistic chance of winning a majority of delegates. But it’s a tightrope walk. Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate with a realistic chance of winning the 1,237 delegates necessary to claim the party’s presidential nomination, according to a POLITICO analysis. A close …

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One clear loser in Thursday’s debate: the Grand Old Party


  It’s highly questionable whether anyone emerged as the winner in Thursday’s Republican presidential debate in Detroit, though the candidates’ spinmeisters would all quibble with that. There was one clear loser: the Grand Old Party. The 11th debate of the Republican campaign tested the patience and the limits of viewers …

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Breaking: Did Trump’s Big Win Just Evaporate As Texas Delegate Count Is Completed?


Finally, after a lot of searching and a lot of complicated charts that weren’t exactly correct it appears that the Texas Delegates ended up totaling 115 for Cruz and 40 for Trump.  If my math is correct that means that Super Tuesday was essentially a tie with a difference between …

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Donald Trump’s Planned Parenthood Pivot


Donald Trump seemed perfectly comfortable sticking it to the pro-life movement as he stood at the podium on the evening of Super Tuesday. His press-conference comments seemed intended to make pro-lifers squirm: “Look, Planned Parenthood has done very good work for many, many — for millions of women,” he told …

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Everything you need to know about the Republican presidential debate

Republican presidential debate

When is the next Republican presidential debate? The next Republican presidential debate is Thursday, March 3rd in Detroit. Fox News hosts. Thursday’s session, the primary’s 11th debate, is at the Fox Theater, a National Historic Landmark in downtown Detroit. What time is the debate? The debate starts at 9 PM …

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