Wednesday , March 1 2017

Flaky spyware remover program for idm

Mobile phone Tracker songs Global positioning system, Telephone Calls, Text Messages and Online process on child’s cell phone. This really is a Free of charge Obtain. This Authorized Internet site whole variation permits you to put in the mobile app on approximately 5 clever phones and log to to look …

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Clinton and Sanders accuse Trump of inciting violence

Sanders & Clinton

(CNN) Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both accused Donald Trump of inciting violence, with the former secretary of state calling him “bigoted” and alleging he had perpetrated “political arson,” while the Vermont senator labeled him a “pathological liar” at a town hall on Sunday night. “It is clear that Donald Trump is …

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Why liberals should root for Ted Cruz


  America’s liberals finally have a candidate they can wholeheartedly root for in the Republican primaries — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. There’s been incredible temptation to root for Donald Trump, whose unfavorable ratings are sky-high and whose candidacy is tearing the conservative movement apart, but it’s tempered by growing fear …

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Man Who Rushed Stage During Trump Rally Reveals Why He Attempted That Kind of Protest


The protester who rushed the stage during Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Dayton, Ohio, gave an exclusive interview with CNN Sunday night during which he explained his motivations behind his attempt to snatch the podium away from the GOP frontrunner. Tommy DiMassimo, 22, of Fairborn, Ohio, made headlines over the weekend …

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Ted Cruz Says It’s a ‘Disaster’ for Republicans if Trump Becomes Nominee


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said it will be a “disaster” for Republicans — and the country — if Donald Trump becomes the party’s presidential nominee. “I think it’s a disaster for the country because if Donald is the nominee, it makes it much, much more likely that Hillary Clinton wins …

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Clinton slams Trump’s ‘political arson’

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on Saturday called Donald Trump’s rhetoric “political arson” in response to scenes of unrest following the GOP front-runner’s cancellation of a rally in Chicago. “… The ugly, divisive rhetoric we are hearing from Donald Trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is wrong, and it’s dangerous,” the …

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Trump: Sanders is responsible for violence

Trump blames Sanders

Donald Trump was adamant on Sunday morning he was not responsible for encouraging violence and chaos at his rallies, instead pointing the finger at Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. “I don’t even call them protesters, I call them disrupters,” Trump said on CNN’s “State of The Union.” “A lot of them …

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Attempted Attack On Donald Trump Was Worse Than It Originally Looked

Donald Trump Attack

New footage shows that the attempted attack on Donald Trump in Dayton, OH on Saturday was a far more dangerous situation than it originally appeared on television. A man jumps a barrier and makes it past several security guards, before finally being stopped feet from Mr. Trump. It is unknown …

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Marco Rubio trounces Donald Trump in Washington DC presidential primary


Rubio took 37.3% of the vote, giving him 10 delegates, edging out John Kasich and comfortably beating national frontrunners Trump and Ted Cruz. Donald Trump has suffered a comprehensive defeat by Marco Rubio inWashington DC, where the divisive billionaire hopes to occupy the White House from January next year. Rubio …

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