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Presidential Live Poll: Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz vs Hillary Clinton! Vote For Your Candidate!


Who is Your Choice? Bernie Sanders | Democrat Donald Trump |Republican Ted Cruz |Republican Hillary Clinton | Democrat Do Quizzes Source: www.gossipknowledge.com

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BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump has collapsed in general election polls !!


  Donald Trump loves to brag that he’s ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls. “I beat Hillary Clinton in many polls,” he repeatedly insisted at a debate earlier this month. Here on planet Earth, that isn’t true or even close to true. In 33 general election pollstracked by HuffPost …

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Hillary Clinton Shows Trump And Cruz How A President Responds To Terror

STANFORD, CA - MARCH 23:  Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers a counterterrorism address at Stanford University on March 23, 2016 in Stanford, California. A day after terror attacks left dozens people dead in Brussels, Hillary Clinton delivered a counter terrorism speech.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cast her Republican presidential counterparts’ national security proposals as “dangerous” in a speech on counterterrorism at Stanford University Wednesday. While Clinton said “it’s understandable that Americans here at home are worried” about the Islamic State network, which claimed responsibility for attacks in Brusselsthat killed …

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President Obama’s rising approval ratings will move Hillary Clinton forward


  President Barack Obama’s approval ratings are up, and he seems more willing than ever to make waves and push for his policies until Election Day and beyond. This is good news for Hillary Clinton, who got another lift Tuesday by winning four major state primaries, in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio, and …

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Democrats sound alarm against Trump

Donald Trump

  Top liberals and leading progressive groups perceive the GOP front-runner as a dangerous and unprecedented threat. PHOENIX — Leading liberals and progressive groups are turning their gaze away from the Democratic primary and toward efforts to unite the left against Donald Trump, framing him as a dangerous and unprecedented …

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Sanders team: We’ll beat Clinton in the states ahead

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Bernie Sanders woke up in Arizona on Wednesday with what appeared to be five losses, determined to stay in the Democratic primary race. As aides to Sanders huddled on Wednesday in Sedona about the path forward, Sanders chief strategist Tad Devine and campaign manager Jeff Weaver gave no indication that …

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What to watch for on Super-Duper Tuesday


Some newscasts are calling today Super Tuesday, and your memory isn’t playing tricks on you if you’re thinking, Didn’t we just have one of those? Today, when voters go to the polls in five big states — Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and North Carolina — marks the second crucial, all-important, …

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Clinton and Sanders accuse Trump of inciting violence

Sanders & Clinton

(CNN) Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both accused Donald Trump of inciting violence, with the former secretary of state calling him “bigoted” and alleging he had perpetrated “political arson,” while the Vermont senator labeled him a “pathological liar” at a town hall on Sunday night. “It is clear that Donald Trump is …

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Clinton slams Trump’s ‘political arson’

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on Saturday called Donald Trump’s rhetoric “political arson” in response to scenes of unrest following the GOP front-runner’s cancellation of a rally in Chicago. “… The ugly, divisive rhetoric we are hearing from Donald Trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is wrong, and it’s dangerous,” the …

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